Beyond SSL and HTTPS – What Else You Need to Know

Many businesses know about Google’s latest move to start penalizing websites that haven’t made the move from HTTP to HTTPS by warning visitors and lowering that website’s page ranking. Ever since the announcement was made back in 2016, business owners have been trying to get SSL certificates onto their websites as soon as possible, and […]

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How to Make Your Website Secure By Adding SSL

With the new security algorithm Google rolled out on January 1, 2017, many website owners are now aware that it’s in their best interest to make their site secure. Many even know that this means converting their HTTP website into an HTTPS website. The problem starts that many still aren’t sure how to do this. […]

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Your Website As Your Branding Tool

Branding your business helps you develop a relationship with your potential and current customers by helping them understand your business’s personality, products and/or services. By developing a brand that people feel they know and understand, you can start to compete with other businesses in a whole new way. You can compete based on the intrinsic […]

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Your Blog Should Be on Your Website 

A lot of people get really confused between blogs and websites. But in reality blogs are websites and websites are blogs today. At least they should be. Some business owners will create a beautiful website, then go to Blogger or to create a blog. Then they put all their content on their blog, and […]

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