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Building Your Successful Online Presence

Every company, from start-up to large corporation needs a strong, impactful presence online. There are lots of opinions, lots of "guru's" and plenty of chatter about how to actually get this done. I have fine-tuned my business operations to deliver best-in-class services in four specific areas that can have a dramatic impact on the reputation and results of the business and it's ownership.


WordPress Web Sites

& Powerful Plugins

You will be hard pressed to find anyone that has 14+ years experience and a more extensive knowledge of the power of Plugins.

Communication Bots

Bots are rapidly becoming a "must-have" technology and strategy for growing business. We take out the mystery and deliver a robust Bot for your business.

Membership Sites

Everyone is an Expert in something - Membership sites are an ideal way for you to communicate your expertise and knowledge while generating an income with that knowledge.

Tools Training

Everyone is an Expert in something - Membership sites are an ideal way for you to communicate your expertise and knowledge while generating an income with that knowledge.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Over the past couple years, Miles Austin has helped transform my business. He not only has completely relieved the overwhelmed feeling of not being able to keep up on all things web, tech, social, online marketing, he has provided great strategic insight and guidance that has increased my following and opened up new avenues for business. I’d be lost without him and could not be more thankful for the value he provides watching my back and freeing me up to focus on what I do best instead of being trapped under tech headaches!"

Speaker and #1 Best-selling Author

"I'm a huge Miles Austin fan in every way! From the day I first contacted Miles he has been a huge mentor and influence for me. His level of intelligence as it relates to sales and marketing is very rare. He is one of the very few sales "experts" in my mind that has evolved with the sales and marketing process. His knowledge of today's video landscape and technologies will blow your mind. Miles is one incredibly genuine sales and marketing professional that I am happy to call a friend. Anyone that gets the honor to work with Miles is going to increase their IQ score at a high level!"



"I know sales. I know sales leadership. But I don’t know websites or technology. Well, I didn’t until I was fortunate enough to meet Miles. Now, I get along pretty well on the tech side - with his help!! Miles has helped me dramatically improve my website, my online marketing, and my understanding of technology. But, most importantly, Miles stays current…the things that worked online eighteen months ago are already out-of-date, but the clients that Miles works with stay on the cutting edge. If you want to leave the confusion and chaos of technology to someone else so you can do what you’re best at, hire Miles Austin."

Kelly Riggs

Speaker and #1 Best-selling Author

"Given the nature of my business, my online presence is key to my success. I not only need to make a powerful first impression, but sustain that impression throughout the engagement. I had been searching for a company to help update my website, one that understood that the site was a means to an end, not an end unto itself. Most of the companies had a firm grip on technology, but not on what I needed. Miles was aware of what I do before we engaged, but tool a lot of time and effort in understanding what I was looking to achieve today, and moving forward. With his understanding of the tools and tech required to succeed in today's environment, Miles was able to match the tools to my objectives. The process was not only interactive, but got me to think about what we were doing. Once Miles understood what the goal of a page or element was, he would present different alternatives, allowing me to leverage tools I would never have known about without him. Miles' understanding of my objectives, helped me rethink my approach, and leverage the most innovative tools to grow and expand my success. Miles has helped me create a platform I can grow with, introduce new tech, and grow the business. His ongoing support through the process, and since the site has been up has been invaluable. We are already discussing and planning the next phase, something I can do with confidence, given that in Phase One, Miles has exceeded what he promised!"

Tibor Shanto

Speaker, Author and Consultant

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