Who is the Web Tools Guy?

Miles Austin speaks with his audience

Miles Austin is the Web Tools Guy! The nickname of The Web Tools Guy came about over several years while speaking, writing and working with Web Tools for sales and marketing teams. People would start to explain who I was by referring to me as “the Web Tools Guy” and I realized that it was the easiest way to remember me and what I do.

You will find a variety of information on this site that I hope you will find beneficial in your business and personal endeavors. While I will include a feed from my primary online platform: FilltheFunnel.com, which focuses on Web Tools for sales and marketing professionals, I will be including all sorts of other cool tools, apps, and technology that I come across that don’t really fit into the specific focus of FilltheFunnel. Some have a business and some will be purely to use in your daily lives.

I am also inviting guest’s to share their experiences with you in the blog section.  If you have something you would like to add to the conversation, send me a note.

Within the blog section I will share information about:

  •  Computer products
  • Software
  • Gadgets
  • Apps for both iPhone and iPad
  • Cameras and gadgets
  • Technology gizmos and gadgets
  • Plug-ins and Widgets for online experiences
  • WordPress Plug-ins, widgets, themes and tricks
  • Social Media
  • Whatever else makes me say “cool”

Fill the Funnel is focused primarily on sales and marketing web tools, with observations about the world of sales in general. Here on MilesAustin.com you will find a more casual tone and a broader topic and tool range.

You might even find some observations and thoughts from a guy that has been passionately involved in business as an employee, manager, executive and owner for over 30 years.

I mean to offend no one, but if I step on your toes from time to time, please accept my apology in advance. I do so only to stimulate some thought and most importantly, discussion on the topics that are on everyone’s mind..

I hope you will accept my offer to participate, share, contribute, argue or just say hi as often as you feel moved to do so. It is more enjoyable to hear from you than just to read my own ramblings all the time. Take advantage of our leading edge commenting system here on the site, called LiveFyre.  More on LifeFyre later, but if you are one of the enlightened ones that understands the gift that leaving a comment or thought is, you will enjoy the experience.

I hope to hear from you soon and often,


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